Charles Ouda Passes Away

The family of Charles ‘Charlie’ J. Ouda and Ciru Muriuki has confirmed his death on the night of February 3, 2024. Charles was 38 years old when he passed away unexpectedly.

The family’s statement, made on behalf of the Oudas and Ciru Muriuki, asks that everyone respect the grieving fiancée’s and the Ouda family’s privacy during this difficult time.

The message requests space to mourn the unimaginable loss, with additional information to be shared in due course.

Ciru and Charles joyfully announced their engagement in September 2023, capturing the hearts of many with their cute moments.

Charles, a prominent actor, director, scriptwriter, and event manager, entered the camera with a beaming smile, confirming the wonderful occasion. He was currently the lead male actor in Maisha Magic Plus’s TV series Salem.

Ciru and Charles’s engagement announcement was welcomed with heartfelt greetings and congratulations from fans and friends, who celebrated their love and happiness together.

Charles, noted for his contributions to films such as ‘Makutano Junction,’ ‘The First Grader,’ and ‘Count It Out,’ was a superb actor as well as a renowned film director and scriptwriter.

His extraordinary abilities had earned him countless prizes, including Best Director at the 2016 Asian American Film Lab 72 Hour Shoot Out and other NYC Indie Film Awards.

Ciru launched her podcast in June, co-hosting it with Charles. The couple’s journey and joint projects had become an inspiration for their supporters, making Charles’ unexpected death all the more tragic.


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