Kenyans raise more than Ksh600,000 for Colonel Mustafa

As of Saturday 9:00 p.m. A group of well-wishers led by Fauz Khalid had contributed approximately Sh600,000 for rapper Colonel Mustafa and his family.

Mustafa’s mobile phone wallet had surpassed capacity by Saturday night, according to Khalid’s reports on the status of the fund campaign.

Mustafa didn’t forget to show gratitude for Fauz Khalid and he mentioned him on an interview done by Eve Mungai.

Watch the full interview here.

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Colonel Mustapha, a legendary Kenyan singer, asked for support from well-wishers in order to care for his elderly mother.

Mustapha stated in an interview with Eve Mungai that he needs a job or capital to establish a business so that he can put food on the table and pay a few expenses.

He mentioned that his mother’s cancer treatment is causing him the most problems right now.

Tedd Josiah and DNA showed their support for Col Mustafa;



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