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Jose Gatutura – Queen Wakwa

Queen Wakwa is a song by Kenyan artist Jose Gatutura, released in February 2024. The title means “My Queen” in Kikuyu, and the song is about his lover.The song has a sweet melody and a romantic rhythm, and the lyrics are full of praise and admiration. Gatutura sings about how he found his queen, who is beautiful, loyal, and supportive. He expresses his gratitude and happiness, and vows to love her forever.

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Queen Wakwa is a song that celebrates the joy of love and life for many people. It is a song that captures the emotions of a happy heart, and the desire to share it with someone special. It is a song that showcases Gatutura’s talent and versatility as a musician. It is a song that will make you smile and sing along. It is a song that you will either love or envy, depending on your perspective and experience.

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