Why Watu Credit Is Trending

Watu Credit has been trending on Twitter for the better part of the evening this is after one Twitter user by the user name Asaad (@_skilli) (real name Quincy Otieno Okoth) claimed his motorbike went missing after he completed paying for the loan.

Otieno, Quincy Okoth stated that he had finished repaying his KSh 230,000 loan for a motorcycle he purchased with them, but when he awoke the next morning, it had been stolen. He claimed that his motorcycle was the only one stolen from the estate’s parking lot, which is located near a playground.

Okoth stated that after calling the Watu Credit emergency line to report the incident, he was told that an officer named Elijah was investigating and would contact him. Okoth revealed that he purchased the bike with a loan from Watu Credit for KSh 212 000, but after cases of late payments, the final amount was KSh 233k.

KOT flocked on Twitter and people started sharing similar incidents, Kileleshwa MCA Robert Alai also joined the conversation.

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