Why Mike Sonko Is Trending

Following the publication of a video showcasing his wealth with an astonishing display of might, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has incited equal parts envy and resentment. The politician is shown in the video opening enormous suitcases full of wads of foreign currency as he chastises someone for questioning his wealth.

“Ati sina pesa kwa sababu si saidi watoto, Nani ali kwambia sina pesa!?” …..”Sina pesa ya kuharibu na watoto. Hii pesa ni ya kuharibu na mabibi wangu!”He continued ranting.

Furthermore, the arrogant provocateur insisted that the cash he was flaunting was merely “pocket money for car fuel.” “Hii ni millioni mbili  (pointing at the pocket money) Hapa yote ni millioni thelathini (Sh 30 million).”

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