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Born in Bahati,Nyandarua County Dishon Mirugi is a renowned Kikuyu gospel musician with several hit songs tucked under his belt.
He was nicknamed ‘Mirugi’ by his peers after the infamous General Mathenge saga few years back who impersonated the Mau mau military leader Mathenge wa Mirugi.

Some of Dishon Mirugi’s hit songs include Mahenya, Mwaki Tuu, Thambia,  Korwo Twamenya, Ciuria Cia Urimu,  Amori and Nguo Cia Iraka.

On Sunday March 19,2023 the popular Kikuyu gospel singer Dishon Mirugi was accused of murder. According to famous Social Justice Activist Simon Mwangi Muthiora, he is being accused for the murdered of Pastor Elizabeth Githingi in his house and claimed that she committed suicide. Dishon was trending on Facebook for the better part of the day.

Despite these accusations, there is no official report from the police yet, we will however keep you updated on the matter.

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