Dennis Mutara Sickness

Dennis Mutara, a popular gospel musician, has re-emerged in the public eye, but he looks to have substantially lost weight, prompting concerns among fans and well-wishers.

The ‘Wendo Ni Muhiu’ hitmaker’s latest physical alteration is a striking reminder of the difficulties he has encountered, particularly following a fatal car accident in 2020.The mishap was just the latest in a string of misfortunes for the experienced performer.

Mutara has also been accused of becoming an alcoholic after joining a Kikuyu purported cult called Gwata Ndai, which means “solve the riddle.” Dennis previously denied taking alcohol when asked if he had.

He had to deal with the loss of his parents as well as the debilitating affects of despair, which eventually led to his spending three months in a rehabilitation clinic.
Karangu Wa Muraya, a fellow artiste who visited Mutara on Sunday, September 10, brought attention to Mutara’s condition.

Mutara’s health had deteriorated dramatically, according to Karangu.
Karangu also advised people not to believe a Facebook account that purported to be providing updates on Mutara’s status.
Mutara previously stated that he was discouraged from following his passion for singing by fellow musicians.


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