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YouTube has suspended controversial content producer Andrew Kibe’s account, citing a violation of the company’s rules of service as the cause for the suspension.
Kibe, who is no stranger to controversy, had garnered around 474k subscribers on his channel.

He had posted approximately 3.1k videos before being suspended, thanks to his no-holds-barred attack on Kenyan celebrities and provocative perspectives on current events.

Andrew Kibe has been informing his legions of admirers for some time that once he is done with YouTube, he will post his work to another platform (Yafreeka) and Rumble.

Fans and detractors alike were shocked and delighted by the termination of his popular account, driving Kibe to the top of X trends (formerly Twitter).

Kibe turned to X and appeared to dismiss the cancellation as a little glitch in his artistic journey, despite the fact that he did not openly discuss the termination of his account.

Kibe, who moved to Texas after abandoning a radio hosting post in Kenya, has quickly climbed through the social media ranks, drawing similarities to British-American kickboxer Andrew Tate, whom he shares a first name with.

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