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Andrew Kibe is a well-known Kenyan media personality known for his controversial views and entertaining personality. He recently appeared on Kiss FM’s morning show with Kamene Goro. Kibe, on the other hand, resigned, citing unfavorable working conditions based on his preferred work ethics. He later moved to US where he currently resides.

Andrew Kibe was born in Kenya on July 1, 1976. For high school, he attended Nairobi Millimani School. Andrew Kibe began his radio career in March 2018 as a presenter on NRG Radio, where he worked alongside Kamene Goro until June 2019.

Kibe and Kamene at NRG
Kibe and Kamene at NRG

Kiss 100 hired the duo from NRG, and they collaborated in a new environment from September 2019 until June 2021, when Kibe left to focus on personal projects.
Kamene Goro and Andrew Kibe’s on-screen and off-screen chemistry has captivated their fans. Kamene Goro, on the other hand, has spoken out about how she fell out with Kibe.

After Kamene’s wedding Kibe said on a Tweet “My ex is off the market…Leo kuna nduru gizani.”

Kibe responds to Kamene Goro's wedding
Kibe responds to Kamene Goro’s wedding

He is also a YouTuber and content creator who speaks bluntly about sex, relationships, women, and alcohol.
Kibe revealed that he married nine years ago but that the marriage ended after four years. He also disclosed that he had a child, but that he hadn’t seen him in over seven years because his baby mama cut him off after he remarried.

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