Why Baha is Trending

Tyler Mbaya alias Baha, a former Machachari actor, has expressed concern after revealing that he is struggling. Following his exposure for borrowing money from various Instagram users, Baha took to his Instagram Stories to open up about his problems, but he did not reveal what he is dealing with.

why baha is trending

He also announced the sale of his Instagram and Tiktok accounts, which have over 760K and 399.8K followers, respectively. On June 2, 2023, Nurse_Judy_ke, an Instagram user, revealed her communication with Baha, pleading with her to send him money because they were about to be evicted.

why baha is trending

Judy contacted Baha’s wife, Georgina Njenga, who appeared to be unaware of what her husband had been up to despite having sent him money several times.
Baha’s wife claims she has paid all of their bills and acknowledges that her husband may have a gambling problem.
Meanwhile, fans have noticed that the young couple, who have a daughter together, have unfollowed one another on social media.

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