Why What Is A Woman Is Trending

The hashtag #WhatIsAWoman is trending on Twitter as a result of a documentary film titled ‘What is a Woman,’ which was released on the Daily Wire by conservative commentator Matt Walsh. The film, which addresses gender and transgender issues, was initially available only through subscription-only streaming services. However, on June 2nd, the American conservative news website and media company released the one-hour, 34-minute film on Twitter for free viewing. Since then, the film and the hashtag #WhatIsAWoman have gone viral.

Conservatives praised the film, but many people called it “transphobic.” Elon Musk has also chimed in, retweeting the film with the caption “Every parent should watch this.”

Some have accused Matt Walsh’s documentary film ‘What is a Woman’ of being transphobic because it promotes an essentialist ideology and pushes a narrative that is harmful to the LGBTQ community. Transphobia refers to negative attitudes, feelings, or actions directed toward transgender people or transgender people in general. The film has sparked debate for allegedly misrepresenting itself to potential interviewees as well as its content.

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