Waithaka Wa Jane Kigooco MP3 Download

Waithaka Wa Jane Kigooco mix is a collection of Kigooco songs by various Kikuyu Gospel artists, blended together and performed by Waithaka Wa Jane. The mix features some of the most popular Kikuyu gospel songs, such as Ngoro Yakwa by Sammy Irungu, Njira Ciaku by Jane Muthoni, and Ndingihota Ngai by Phyllis Mbuthia.

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The mix is well-paced and balanced, with smooth transitions and a consistent tempo. The songs are uplifting and inspiring, with messages of faith, hope, and gratitude. The mix is suitable for listening at home, in the car, or at a social gathering. Waithaka Wa Jane Kigooco mix is a great way to enjoy some of the best Kikuyu gospel music in one package.

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