Tiga Niwe – Lizz Guchuh

Tiga Niwe is a beautiful song by Lizz Guchuh, a Kikuyu gospel singer. The song is a testimony of her faith and gratitude to God, who has been her source of strength and hope. Lizz expresses her love and devotion to God. She also acknowledges that without Him, she would be lost and hopeless.

Tiga Niwe – Lizz Guchuh video link

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The song has a soothing melody and a catchy chorus that invites the listener to join her in praising God. The song is well-produced and showcases Lizz Guchuh’s vocal talent and passion. Tiga Niwe is a song that will inspire and uplift anyone who listens to it.

Dimandi Cia Watho – Lizz Guchuh

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