The Amazon Snake Cat

The Amazon Snake Cat does not exist.
A social media user published a popular image of a cat with neon-yellow and black stripes on its fur.

The Amazon snake cat

According to the report, the cat lived in remote areas of the Amazon Rain Forest. There is, however, no evidence that the cat ever existed.

The original post’s author, a Russian Facebook user named Alex Vasilev, confessed that the image was a hoax. The Amazonian cat was created using a regular cat and a picture of a mangrove snake, according to Vasilev. He also acknowledged that the image was created using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Some social media users were skeptical about the existence of Amazon snake cats. “Obvious fake,” one Reddit member said. There is no known gene that can produce natural hair or fur in those colors (navy and brilliant yellow).”

A cat snake is a reptile whose pupils are vertically elliptical and resemble narrowed cat eyes. The hue and patterns in the viral photograph of the “Amazon snake cat” are similar to those of the reptile Boiga Dendrophila, also known as the “Gold-Ringed Cat Snake.”

The Serpens Catus

The Serpens Catus, often known as the Amazon snake cat, was thought to be the most endangered feline species on the planet.
The photograph was provided on Twitter by a user who said that the cat resided in remote areas of the Amazon rainforest and that the first images of the animal came in 2020.

The user further stated that the cat weighed up to four stone (25 kilograms). Serpens catus, on the other hand, does not appear in the government database of species names.

Other uncommon cats found around the world include:

  • The Iberian lynx was once thought to be more vulnerable than other well-known cats such as the snow leopard.
  • Jaguar: The Amazon’s main predator and the world’s third largest feline.
  • The most frequent of the tiny felids is the Jungle cat.

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