Spotify Premium Audiobooks

Spotify, the prominent music and podcast streaming service, announced on October 3, 2023 that audiobooks will now be included in its Premium subscription. This move follows Spotify’s 2022 acquisition of Findaway, a digital audiobook distributor.

Spotify Premium customers will have access to 150,000 audiobooks and 15 hours of listening time each month as part of their subscription. Fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books are among the genres available to users.

The project will kickoff in the UK and Australia followed by  the US.

To listen to audiobooks on Spotify, users must first update the app and then navigate to the audiobooks area. They can also look for certain books or writers. When they find an audiobook they want to listen to, they may add it to their library and begin listening right away.

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Spotify’s decision to incorporate audiobooks in its Premium subscription is significant since it positions the service to compete with other audiobook providers like Audible and Amazon. It also makes it easier for people to search and listen to audiobooks because they can do so from the same app where they listen to music and podcasts.

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