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Nyumite Kuraihu – Waithaka Wa Jane

Nyumite Kuraihu is a powerful and inspiring song by Waithaka Wa Jane, one of the most popular Mugithi artists in Kenya. The song is a reflection of his life’s journey from grass to grace and a message of gratitude to God for his success. The song also touches on people who feel bad about the success of others and try to bring them down with envy and hatred.

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Waithaka Wa Jane sings with passion and conviction, delivering his lyrics with a catchy and upbeat tune. Nyumite Kuraihu is a song that celebrates the power of faith, hard work, and positivity, and encourages listeners to appreciate their blessings and ignore the negativity of others. Nyumite Kuraihu is a song that deserves to be heard and enjoyed by everyone who loves good music and inspiring stories.

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