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Simba Okalo Buogo – Odongo Swagg

Simba Okalo Buogo is a song by Odongo Swagg, a Kenyan artist who blends traditional Luo music with modern beats and lyrics.┬áThe song is composed of three verses and a chorus, with a catchy hook that repeats the phrase “Simba Okalo Buogo” (lion of Buogo village).

The song features traditional instruments such as nyatiti (lyre), orutu (fiddle), and ohangla (drum), as well as electric guitar, keyboard, and synthesizer. The song has a lively tempo and a danceable rhythm, making it suitable for both mourning and celebration. The song also showcases Odongo Swagg’s vocal skills, as he switches between singing and rapping in Luo and English.

The song is a testament to Odongo Swagg’s talent and versatility as an artist, its a powerful and emotional piece of music that resonates with listeners across generations and backgrounds.

Simba Okalo Buogo – Odongo Swagg video link

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