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Joseph Kamaru was a Kikuyu Benga and gospel musician, as well as a political activist. He was an icon, a hero, and a famous Kikuyu artist who sold over 500,000 recordings. In 1967, he had his first big break with Celina. His musical career peaked between 1975 and 1985, thanks to the sale of adults-only tapes including Kikuyu folk tunes. He was the first Kenyan artist to perform at the Carnivore Restaurant, which was then only hosting international performers, in the late 1980s.

This mix features some of his best song which include Muhiki Wa Mikosi, Ka Muirungu, Certificate Ya Maisha, Riria Mugutwenja, Guku Kwa Mbugua, Rambi Rambi Cia Ndichu, Ndirachuganirio, Ikihanda Munyugi, Nowe Nyonete Weru, Ni Ciumburane and others.

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