Becky Citizen TV Theme song

Becky is the new Citizen Tv show that took over after Sultana, which finished on 28th July, 2023.  The Characters in the show include;

Lucy is not new in the Kenyan entertainment scene she played the role of Detective Beryl in Showmax’s drama series Second Family. She plays the role of Becky in the new show.


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Born in 1994, She is a Mombasa based actress who previously played a role in the Maisha Magic’s telenovela Kovu. She’s an Instagram star and model whose photos of her curvy body, beauty and fashion have amassed her 600,000 followers and also a huge following on TikTok amassing a huge following of over 1 Million followers. Trisha is also owns an online fashion business Trendy Collection.

Becky Citizen; Trisha
Trisha Khalid who plays the role of Trisha in the show Becky

Trisha Khalid

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Other Cast include;

Andrew Levi - Junior
Andrew Levi – Junior


Maureen Muthoni - Sally
Maureen Muthoni – Sally
  • Sammy Mwangi – Tito
  • Jeff Omondi – Sanchez
  • Alice Mbeyu – MamaJunior
  • Monica Wairimu – Martha
  • Chantelle Naisola – Shantel

Becky Theme song Lyrics

Tenzi za hulka, naziona kama mionzi
Maisha dhoruba, heri angekuwa jonzi
Wingu lilivyofunga, heri hata kiangazi
Na wala ushujaa, Leo limejaa majonzi
Raha ya ua, ilikiwa na umanti nzuri,
Kupita mwili Kizidi ua, Inageuka Shubiri

Aah aah aah aah aaah
Nionee huruma
Aah aah aah aah aaah Nitulize mtima
Aah aah aah aah aaah Nitamlilia Nani

Becky ooh Becky ooh Becky
Nitamkimbilia Nani
Becky ooh Becky Beaky Becky Becky ooh Becky


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