Kitengela Woman

Kitengela police are investigating a case in which a woman severed her two-year-old child’s teeth to death on Monday evening.

According to the neighbors, Olivia Naseren locked herself in the house and was playing with the baby before becoming violent and breaking items in the house.

The noise from the breaking items drew the attention of the neighbors, who had witnessed Naserian repeatedly stabbing Gloria Njeri because they couldn’t get into the locked house.

The neighbors called the cops, who broke into the house and found the suspect unconscious.

Kitengela OCS David Shani confirmed the incident, saying the woman cut the baby into pieces and fed on her intestines and kidney.

“When police found her, her teeth and clothes were stained with blood,” Shani explained.

The unconscious woman was taken to Kitengela Sub County Hospital for treatment, where she was forced to vomit body parts that would be used as evidence.

Gloria’s body was taken to the morgue at Kitengela Sub County Hospital. The neighbors believe the woman killed the baby after splitting up with its father.

A Kajiado court has ordered the detention of Olivia Naseren accused of murdering her two-year-old daughter by cutting her into pieces with a knife and then eating parts of her internal organs.
She is accused of murdering her daughter Glory Njeri on Sunday at their home in Kitengela’s Milimani Estate, then ingesting her insides before neighbors called the police, who arrived and apprehended her.

On Tuesday, she appeared before Chief Magistrate Jane Kamau, who ordered that Naserian be held in police custody for another 10 days so that police officers could complete their investigations.

Naserian is scheduled to appear in court on May 8.

Meanwhile, her daughter’s remains were transferred to Kitengela’s main hospital morgue.


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