Anastacia Muema – Pongezi Kwa Utume

Pongezi Kwa Utume by Anastacia Muema is an appreciation song to God as she celebrates 3 years in the Catholic music scenery. On a pinned comment on the song, she said;

” I thank the almighty God for the gift of 3 years as a Catholic music artist! Today, I celebrate three years since I started my singing journey in 2020.

Throughout the past three years, I have immensely grown as an artist and as a person, overcoming daily challenges and learning new proficiencies.

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As I joyously celebrate this landmark, I would like to share some words of encouragement and appreciation for everyone who has supported my work. I want to thank you for your dedication, together with your passion for Catholic melodies.

As my audience, you have shown that music is both a form of entertainment and a way of worship and evangelization by incorporating my music into your daily lives. Today, I celebrate 100k+ YouTube subscribers, a significant milestone in my evangelization and ministry as a Catholic songs artist; which has been possible because of your love and support!

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🥰🥹♥️I pray that I will not be afraid to explore new genres and styles while staying faithful to the teachings and traditions of the Church. I believe there is still more to do and more to learn, and I pray that God will grant me the strength and serenity to reach to everyone in all corners of the earth, to give them hope, and bring them closer to God through my songs.

Let’s walk this journey together. I love and appreciate you all! Blessings!♥♥♥️ “

Anastacia Muema – Ni Mungu Tu

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