Anastacia Muema – Ni Mungu Tu

Ni Mungu Tu by Anastacia Muema is a Catholic Amapiano song that celebrates the goodness and faithfulness of God in our lives. The song, composed by Fortune Shimanyi and produced by Rajo Productions, has a catchy beat and a lively melody that invites listeners to dance and sing along.

Anastacia Muema – Ni Mungu Tu video link

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Anastacia Muema delivers the lyrics with passion and conviction, expressing her gratitude and joy for God’s love and mercy. The song is also accompanied by a colorful and vibrant video directed by Miwo BP, featuring Anastacia Muema and other dancers in various locations. The song is a refreshing and uplifting addition to the Catholic music scene in Kenya, and showcases Anastacia Muema’s talent and versatility as a solo artist.

Anastacia Muema – Nitume Mimi

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