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Wakadinali – Case Closed

Case Closed is a hip-hop track by Kenyan group Wakadinali, released in December 2022 as part of their album Ndani Ya Cockpit 3: All Grown Ups. The song is a smooth, laid-back track with a catchy beat and clever lyrics. The members of Wakadinali trade verses, each one bragging about their skills and accomplishments. The song has a strong sense of confidence and swagger, and it’s sure to get you feeling good.

The beat is simple but effective, and it provides a perfect backdrop for the group’s vocals. The mix is also well-done, with all of the vocals and instruments coming through clearly.

The lyrics of “Case Closed” are clever and witty. The members of Wakadinali take turns bragging about their skills and accomplishments, and they do it in a way that’s both funny and impressive. The song is full of quotable lines, and it’s sure to have you laughing and nodding your head along.

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