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Trio Mio ft Breeder LW – Hazardous

Hazardous is a catchy and energetic song by Trio Mio ft Breeder LW, two of the most popular Kenyan Hip Hop artists. The song showcases their rap skills and witty lyrics, as well as their chemistry and charisma. The song is about living a risky and adventurous lifestyle, and not being afraid of challenges or enemies.

Trio Mio ft Breeder LW – Hazardous video link

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The song has a fast-paced and upbeat tempo, with a catchy chorus and hook. The song also features some clever wordplay and references to Kenyan culture and slang. The song is a hit among the young and urban audience, who can relate to the message and vibe of the song. The song is a great example of the talent and creativity of the Kenyan hip hop scene, and deserves to be praised and supported.

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