Peter Salasya Biography

Peter Salasya Age

Born Peter Kelerwa Salasya in January 1989, making him one of the youngest MPs on the Kenyan Parliament at only 34 years.

Peter Salasya Education

The legislator attended Shanderema Primary School before enrolling in Kakamega County’s Lubinu High School in 2006. His father would pass later while he was in form two.

Salasya eventually enrolled at Egerton University in Nakuru County to study for a Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom). He became involved in student politics during his first year there.

Salasya ran unsuccessfully for the position of Director of Academics. In his third year, he tried again for the vice chairman seat.

He graduated in 2014 and returned to Kakamega, where he obtained his first job as a bicycle hawker, assisting a local company in the sale of bicycles.

Peter Salasya MP / Career

Salasya obtained a significant work at DTB bank in Kakamega with the support of a friend, and his desire of becoming a leader bloomed.

In 2017, he ran for Mumias East MP for the first time, however he finished last out of nine candidates, with only 254 votes.

Salasya blamed this to a lack of resources when competing with the political big boys. His efforts consisted primarily of attending funerals and donating Ksh.200.

He lost his position at the bank after the election and volunteered as an instructor at the Sigalagala National Polytechnic. He made Ksh.13,000, some of which he spent on gaining people’s support.

Salasya also began addressing the raging Mumias Sugar crisis, asking for the miller’s receivership in order to preserve it from collapse. This earned him the respect of his constituents.

Salasya was already a fan favorite in Mumias East as the 2022 election approached, but he lacked the resources to campaign.

Peter Salasya On Climate Change

His constituents constructed him a mud hut, and Eugene Wamalwa paid Salasya Ksh.100,000 to run for MP under the DAP-K party.

With insufficient funds to recruit agents, Salasya depended primarily on his constituents to defend his votes, and when the results were released, he had won.

Even when his path to the high table has been fraught with controversy, the MP has never shied away from discussing it.

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