Pastor Ezekiel To Remain In Custody Until May 2

On Friday, a Shanzu court heard that controversial preacher Ezekiel Odero and Kilifi cult leader Paul Mackenzie know each other.

Detectives believe they’ve found a link between Odero of the Mavueni based New Life Church and Mackenzie, who allegedly convinced his followers to starve to death in order to meet God.

According to the State Prosecutor, there is credible evidence that some of those who died at Odero’s church were buried on Mackenzie’s land in Shakahola.

“He is connected to several occurrence book reports of nearly 100 deaths in the church between 2022 and 2023…” “These deaths occurred within church grounds,” said Senior Prosecution Counsel Jami Yamina.

Pastor Ezekiel in custody
Prosecution led by Coast Regional Head, Mr. Peter Kiprop and Deputy Head Mr. Jami Yamina, told court that there is evidence that people died within the precincts of New Life Centre Church in Mavueni, Kilifi County, which is associated with Pastor Ezekiel

Detectives also stated that they have tracked Sh3 million in financial transactions between Odero and Mackenzie in connection with the purchase of a television station.

Odero admitted to buying the TV station from Mackenzie but claimed the transaction had nothing to do with the Shakahola deaths.

“The purchase of the TV station has nothing to do with the Shakahola killings.” If such an analogy is accepted, then all of us who buy used cars will be held accountable for the crimes committed by previous owners, including fights with their spouses,” his lawyer argued in court.

Pastor Ezekiel in court
Pastor Ezekiel Odero’s family members in court on Friday April 28, 2023.

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Odero was represented at the Shanzu police station by his lawyer, Jared Magolo, who spent the night there.

“People seek spiritual intervention at the last moment, when every medical intervention has failed,” Odero’s lawyer said of the deaths at his Mavueni church. Now, if such a person dies, are we supposed to blame the pastor?”

Police asked the court to hold him for 30 days pending the completion of their investigation.

The court heard that Odero is being investigated for murder, assisting suicide, abduction, radicalization, genocide, crimes against humanity, child cruelty, fraud, money laundering, and being an accessory to a crime.

Shanzu Chief Magistrate Joe Omido ordered Odero to be detained at the Port police station until May 2, when the court will rule on the police request to detain him for 30 days.

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