Njaura Icoki- Shiku Alice

Njaura Icoki is a powerful and emotional song by Shiku Alice, a Kikuyu gospel singer. The song, which means “Unburden Me” in Kikuyu, is a cry to God to take away the pain and troubles that she faces in life.

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The song has a slow and soothing melody, accompanied by a piano and a choir. Shiku Alice sings with passion and sincerity, expressing her faith and trust in God. The song is a testimony of her personal struggles and how she overcomes them with God’s help.

The song is inspiring and uplifting, and it resonates with anyone who has ever felt burdened by life’s challenges. Njaura Icoki is a song that showcases Shiku Alice’s talent and devotion, and it is a song that can touch the hearts of many listeners.

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