Ni Igitangaza – Jacques & Kamariza

Ni Igitangaza by Jacques & Kamariza is a praise and worship song expressing gratitude to God.

Ni Igitangaza Lyrics


It is a miracle, an enemy of God I became His child.
It is a miracle, a sinner like me has been justified
It is a miracle, me who was dead received eternal life

Chorus: I thank the One who loved me before I knew Him
I am grateful for that grace
I thank the One crucified for my sins

A sinner like me has been justified

Ni Igitangaza – Jacques & Kamariza video link


It is only the blood of Jesus that washed away my sins,
The righteousness of Jesus is the only one God sees me through,
He is the true way, He is life; eternal life


Jesus became my divine wisdom,
He is the righteousness, sanctification and redemption.

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