Mwisilila Past Yakwa Niki – Roseline Katungwa

Mwisilila Past Yakwa Niki?? is a song by Roseline Katungwa, a Kamba gospel singer and dancer. The song is in Kamba language and it means “What is my past to you?” The song is a testimony of how God has transformed her life and forgiven her sins. She sings with gratitude and joy, praising God for his mercy and grace. The song has a catchy tune and a lively beat that makes you want to dance along. The song also features some traditional Kamba instruments and dances that showcase the rich culture of the region. The song is a great example of how Roseline Katungwa uses her talent and passion to spread the gospel and inspire others. The song is available on YouTube and other streaming platforms.

Mwisilila Past Yakwa Niki – Roseline Katungwa video link

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