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Mugie Mejurro – Leshao Leshao

Mugie Mejurro is a song by Leshao Leshao, a Kenyan singer and songwriter. The song is a reflection on the nature of reality and the role of creativity in shaping it. Leshao Leshao uses metaphors and imagery to convey his message that things are not always what they seem, and that we can create our own meaning and beauty in the world.

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The song has a catchy melody and a rhythmic beat that contrast with the deep and philosophical lyrics. The song is a blend of pop, afrobeat and hip hop genres, showcasing Leshao Leshao’s versatility and talent. The song is a refreshing and original contribution to the Kenyan music scene, and a testament to Leshao Leshao’s artistic vision.

Meimutie Kiret – Leshao Leshao

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