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Khaligraph Jones – Bongo Favour

Bongo Favour is a freestyle diss track by Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones, who is known for his fast and witty rhymes.

The song is aimed at Tanzanian rappers, who Khaligraph accuses of being too reluctant , uncreative, fake and even copying his style.He also mocks their lack of skills, popularity, and originality.

The song is produced by Vinc on The Beat, who provides a catchy and upbeat instrumental that complements Khaligraph’s flow. The song has a catchy chorus that repeats the phrase “Bongo Favour”, which is a sarcastic reference to the Tanzanian music genre of Bongo Flava.

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The song is a bold and confident display of Khaligraph’s rap prowess, as he delivers punchlines and metaphors that showcase his lyrical abilities.

He also references some of his previous songs and achievements, such as his collaborations and also challenges any Tanzanian rapper to face him in a rap battle, claiming that he is the best rapper in Africa.

The song has received mixed reactions from Tanzanians, fans and critics, with some praising Khaligraph for his rap skills and others criticizing him for being disrespectful and arrogant.

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Some Tanzanian rappers have also responded to the diss track, such as Motra The Future, who released a song called Arap Moi JR and Rosa Ree with the song Mama Omollo. The diss track has sparked a rap feud between Kenya and Tanzania, which has generated a lot of buzz and controversy in the African hip hop scene.

Overall, Bongo Favour is a provocative and entertaining song that showcases Khaligraph’s rap talent and personality. It is a song that will appeal to fans of rap battles and diss tracks, as well as fans of Khaligraph’s music.

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