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Kevin Kade , Drama T ft Kivumbi King – Pyramid

Pyramid (Tata) by Kevin Kade, Drama T featuring Kivumbi King is a catchy and upbeat song that blends hip-hop, pop and afrobeat elements. The song is about building a pyramid of love and success with your partner, and overcoming any obstacles that come your way. The production is crisp and colorful, with a mix of drums, synths and guitars that create a vibrant and energetic sound. The song showcases the talents of the three artists, who each bring their own style and flair to the track. Kevin Kade delivers a smooth and confident rap verse, Drama T sings the catchy chorus with his soulful voice, and Kivumbi King adds some spice and flavor with his afrobeat verse. The song is a fun and uplifting anthem that celebrates love and success, and invites the listener to join the pyramid party.

Kevin Kade , Drama T ft Kivumbi King – Pyramid video link

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