Irikaniro Iria – Ng’ethe Steve

Irikaniro Iria by Ng’ethe Steve is a song that expresses the singer’s gratitude and commitment to God. The song is a blend of Gospel and Afro-pop, with catchy melodies and uplifting lyrics. The singer uses his personal testimony and biblical references to convey his message of faith and hope. He says he’ll honor the promises he made to God, even in the midst of challenges and temptations.

Irikaniro Iria – Ng’ethe Steve video link

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The song is well-produced, with a clear and balanced sound. The vocals are smooth and harmonious, and the instrumentation is lively and engaging. The song is a refreshing and inspiring listen for anyone who wants to praise God and renew their vows with Him.

Ndaumiriire Gwaku – Ng’ethe Steve


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