Ihuru By Miriam Wamuthungu

Ihuru By Miriam Wamuthungu is a beautiful song that celebrates the goodness of God in the life of the singer. The song is sung in Kikuyu, a language spoken by the largest ethnic group in Kenya. The lyrics are simple but powerful, expressing gratitude and praise to God for His blessings and protection. The song has a catchy melody and a lively rhythm that makes it easy to sing along. The singer’s voice is clear and expressive, conveying the joy and faith that she feels.  The song is suitable for both personal and corporate worship, as it inspires listeners to reflect on God’s love and faithfulness. Ihuru By Miriam Wamuthungu is a song that will uplift your spirit and fill your heart with thanksgiving.

Ihuru By Miriam Wamuthungu video link

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