Gathee Wa Njeri – Mbaara Ndiri Mwago

Mbaara Ndiri Mwago is a kikuyu folk song by Gathee Wa Njeri aka Mugithi Master, a renowned singer and songwriter who preserves the culture and heritage of his people. The song is a plea for peace and unity among the kikuyu, who have suffered from war and violence in the past. The song reminds the listeners of their history, their identity, and their connection to Mwene Nyaga, the supreme God who created Mount Kenya. The song also encourages the kikuyu to respect their elders, their land, and their traditions, and to avoid being influenced by outsiders. The song is a masterpiece of folk music, with a catchy melody, a rich language, and a powerful message.

Gathee Wa Njeri – Mbaara Ndiri Mwago video link

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