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Echo 254 – Haupo

Haupo by Echo 254 is a song that expresses the singer’s rejection of his ex lover who tries to rekindle their relationship. The song is a mix of  Amapiano, pop and rap, with catchy beats and witty lyrics. The singer tells his ex that he has moved on and found someone better, someone who respects him and loves him for who he is.

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He also criticizes his ex for being selfish, dishonest and manipulative. He says that he is happier now and does not need her in his life. The song is a powerful statement of self-worth and independence, as well as a warning to those who take their partners for granted. The song is well-written, well-performed and well-produced, and deserves a high rating.

Echo 254 Ft Iddi Singer – Naogopa

Echo 254 – Nakiwasha

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