DJ Kang – Multi Genre 4.1

Experience the rollercoaster of emotions in this 30-minute DJ Kang’s Multi Genre 4.1 Mix. From the exhilarating highs of love to the poignant lows of heartbreak, this curated selection of songs captures the essence of romantic journeys and life as a whole. Let the melodies guide you through the complexities of relationships and the healing process, as each track unveils a new layer of emotion. Get ready to embark on a musical adventure that resonates with your own experiences of love and life.

1. To Be A Man – Dax
2. Good Enough – Empire Cast
3. I Wanna Know – Joe
4. Sprinter – Dave & Central Cee
05. Flowers (Say My Name) – ArrDee
6. Cheki – Denzel Kong ft Boutross & Mastar VK
7. Made You Look – Meghan Trainor
8. Lookin’ For – Digital Farm Animals, Danny Ocean
9. Un coup – Fally Ipupa feat. Dadju
10. Drill Rhumba – Watendawili feat. Okello Max
11. Gone – Nelly ft Kelly Rowland
12. Nimenona – Fari Athman
13. You’re a F**king B*tch Hope You Know That Sh*t – Atlus
14. Songi Songi – Maud Elka feat Hiro
15. Let Her Go – Central Cee

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