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Benzema x Shekina Karen – Nikuingize Box

Nikuingize Box is a dancehall song by Kenyan artist Benzema and his partner Shekina Karen. The song, which means “put you in a box” in Swahili, is a playful and flirty song that showcases the chemistry and charisma of the duo. The song has a catchy hook and a groovy beat, produced by Beat Duka that will make you want to move your body.

Benzema x Shekina Karen – Nikuingize Box video link

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The song also has a simple and fun video, directed by Lynke Jr that features the two artists dancing and having a good time. Nikuingize Box is a song that will appeal to fans of dancehall and afrobeat music, and it is a great example of the creativity and talent of the Kenyan music industry.

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