Fenny Kerubo – He Loves You

He Loves You is a gospel song by Fenny Kerubo, a Kenyan singer and songwriter. The song is a celebration of God’s love and grace, and a testimony of Kerubo’s personal faith journey. The song has a catchy melody and a lively rhythm, with elements of traditional African music and contemporary pop.

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Kerubo’s vocals are powerful and expressive, conveying her joy and gratitude for God’s love. The lyrics are simple but meaningful, with verses that describe God’s attributes and a chorus that repeats the title phrase. The song is uplifting and inspiring, and invites the listener to join Kerubo in praising God for his love. He Loves You is a well-produced and well-performed song that showcases Kerubo’s talent and passion for gospel music.

Fenny Kerubo – Jitenge Na Lutu

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